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The gjpegtran program is a wrapper for the jhead and jpegtran command line utilities. These utilities allow you to do lossless transformations of jpeg images such as rotations without losing any image data or exif information. gjpegtran wraps them in a more usable graphical face that is integrated with the gnome mime infrastructure and nautilus file manager.


gjpegtran is distributed under the GPL version 2 with the clause about using future versions of the GPL at the discretion of the recipient deleted.


As implied by the description above, gjpegtran requires the jhead and jpegtran command line utilities. It also requires python, libglade, and the pygtk/pygnome bindings. If you have a recent Linux distribution, it is quite likely that you have most of these already. In particular, RedHat 7.2/7.3 have all of these requirements except jhead. Just in case your distribution does not, here are URLs for more information about all of the requirements:

Since I use RedHat, the only dependency I am missing is jhead. I've posted source and binary RPMs for jhead below for the convenience of other RedHat users.


gjpegtran-0.5.tar.gz (13 KB)

More information on installation and usage is included in the README file packaged with the distribution.


In general, these binary packages should remain true to the file system layout of the distribution on which they are compiled, and should run on them without other dependencies if the latest errata have been installed.

Distribution Download File Download Size
RedHat 7.x gjpegtran-0.5-4.src.rpm 17 KB
jhead-1.8-1.src.rpm 38 KB
RedHat 7.3 gjpegtran-0.5-4.noarch.rpm 16 KB
jhead-1.8-1.i386.rpm 29 KB

All my binary packages are signed so that you can verify they came from me. Whether you actually trust me or not is something you have to decide for yourself. To check the signatures, you will need my gpg public key.