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I've been working with computers since I was about 12 years old, starting with an Apple ][e, moving through several Commodore Amigas, and PCs running Windows. My primary personal computing environment is now PCs running Linux. I admire Linux and the GNU Tools which made it possible for their strong technical foundation and adherence to free software principles.

Free Software

Name Short Description
gjpegtran A simple graphical front-end for the jhead and jpegtran utilities for lossless transformation of jpeg images. I no longer use this as other image management tools have incorporated the lossless transformation functionality in an easy to use way now, but it works perfectly well if you need a quick single-purpose tool.

Commercial Software

Name Short Description
IntruShield Network IPS
McAfee, Inc
A security appliance that monitors one or more network links for malicious activity, blocking and/or reporting on that activity.
SMC Innovations
A unique graphical world clock for the Palm handheld I wrote under contract quite a while ago. Once a Palm platinum application, it is now unmaintained and no longer functional on modern Palm devices. For those curious about the program, the link takes you to a copy of the user's guide.