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My journey into the hobby of woodworking started off with the project that seems to bring a lot of people to woodworking, a shelf unit to hold our CD collection. That project turned out well enough that we still use it to hold our CDs, in spite of the extremely meager tools and skill I brought to it. I so enjoyed the process of designing and building it that I was inspired to attempt to learn enough to do a better job next time.

After that I started accumulating tools and books in the hopes of producing a (still unbuilt) second iteration of the self unit that was much better than the first. Inspired by a the philosophy presented in the unfortunately no longer directly available Bob and Dave's Good, Fast, and Cheap Bench pages (local PDF archive from net) I decided what I really needed was a good bench and the most cost-effective and educational way of obtaining one would be to build it. This was by far the largest project I've done, and feeling it deserves a bit more detail, I've given it a separate page.